A Case Study by Numeracle

How one organization learned to successfully navigate the evolving calling ecosystem with Numeracle

A top service provider using call campaigns to generate sales and connect with customers started to notice a 20-30% decline in success metrics in Q2 of 2017. The company needed actionable data to build a case for preserving the use of the voice channel, which has been the most strategic and preferred method for connecting with their consumers.

1. Lack of understanding and control in the ecosystem

Unaware of the changes taking place within the calling ecosystem, the service provider hypothesized the decline in voice channel sales must be related to some internal factor.

Management questioned the sales team, internal and external call centers, and other 3rd-party vendors with no conclusive results.

It wasn’t until the organization became aware of the emergence of the new call blocking and labeling technologies that external factors were investigated as a root cause.

2. The selection of a trusted partner

The company evaluated multiple solution providers in this new space and selected Numeracle based on three factors:

  • Their thorough understanding of the evolving complexities of the calling ecosystem
  • Their ability to deliver visibility and actions to mitigate the effects of incorrect call blocking, labeling, complaints, risk ratings and call spoofing across the widest partner network
  • Their capacity and agility to provide a completely personalized assessment of corrective actions for both internal and external problems specific to that company
3. Analysis, discovery and implementation of remediation

Numeracle started by conducting a call detail analysis on the service provider’s numbers, including internal and external call center data, across carrier and analytics engines in Q3.

Numeracle registered the organization’s full list of phone numbers, verifying their legal ownership of the numbers, their call compliance, and their status as a trusted entity across the network.

As part of Numeracle’s personalized insights into potentially problematic calling practices, it was recommended that the service provider implement some mitigation strategies directly with their call centers, such as addressing complaints on certain high volume numbers, and adjusting their local caller ID strategy.

4. Successful re-engagement and increased sales

KPIs began to turn around almost immediately in Q4 and positive results continued to build into the next two quarters.

By coupling remediation tactics with ongoing monitoring and education on the evolving challenges affecting call delivery, the service provider was able to both prove that there are actionable strategies available to successfully correct a downward trend in customer engagement metrics.

At the conclusion of this study, the tracked KPIs of sales per hour and percentage of calls converted to goal had not only improved, but had surpassed the goal percentages from periods preceding the delivery of Numeracle services.

5. Results
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